Black Hole Paradox - The Incredible Truth

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The Paradox of Black Hole

From the long years back we know that a black hole is a huge massive body. There are a lot of different theories those defines that why the mass of a black hole is so huge. One of those theories suggests that black holes with identical qualities could be formed from an infinite number of different types of stars. Another suggests that the number of possible types could be finite.

Black-hole is still a mystery for us because of the lack of information.

The scientist John Wheeler said the, “one can’t tell from the outside what is inside a black hole, apart from its mass, state of rotation and electric charge.” Which means there is a lot of information inside a black hole and is hidden from the outside world.

Now if the amount of information hidden inside a black hole depends on the size of the hole, one would expect from the general principles that the black hole would have a temperature, and would glow like a piece of hot metal.

But that is impossible, because, as everyone knew, nothing can get out of a black hole.

So Exactly what happens with a black hole?

A Black hole creates and emits particles and radiation just as if it were an ordinary hot body, with a temperature that is proportional to its surface gravity and inversely proportional to its mass. The emissions suggested by the theory became known as Hawking Radiation.


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