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Real Life Examples of Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio is not less precious than gold. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and beauty is created with Golden ratio. If you believe that God created our universe then you must have to agree that God is a mathematician. Golden Ratio is hidden in between everything in this universe. The Golden ratio changed our outlook to the universe. Now we can calculate everything mathematically, even the beauty of a human face, with the help of the Golden ratio.

Let’s take a glace into some real life examples of the Golden ratio:

Golden Ratio in Human body:

Yes, phi is present in human body. Such as,

(I)                 Total length of human body : Lower part of the body from navel = 1.6180…
(II)               Shoulder to knee : Knee to toe = 1.6180…
(III)             Human biceps : Hand =  1.6180…

(IV)             Human face length : width = 1.6180… [ This ratio is not same for all human. It varies from people to people. When this ratio comes closer to the standard value (1.618…) then, by seeing the ratio (how much closer to the standard) we can say that how beautiful he/she is. ]
(V)               Human finger to elbow length : Wrist to elbow = 1.6180…
(VI)             Length of lips : width of nose = 1.6180…
(VII)           Distance between two sides of eyes : distance from hair to retina = 1.6180…

In a Human body we can find more than 300 such types of Golden ratio.

Golden ratio in Galaxy:

Like these pictures below, we can fit the golden spiral in our galaxy. Not only our galaxy, all the spiral Galaxies follow the Golden spiral pattern.

Golden Ratio in Solar System:

All the planets rotate in a fixed orbit centering the Sun. The orbits of the planets are mostly elliptical paths. In these rotational paths of the planets, we can find the Golden ratio or phi*. For different planets, the powers of the phi are different.

Power of phi
Decimal Result
Actual Period

*Taking the value of phi = 1.618

Golden Ratio in the Growth of Tree:

A natural growth of a tree also follows the Fibonacci series, like –
At first  -  1 branch
Then, 1 + 1 = 2 branches,
Then, 1 + 2 = 3 branches,
Then, 2 + 3 = 5 branches,
Then, 3 + 5 = 8 branches,
As the tree will increase the number of branches of the tree will increase according to the Fibonacci series, and at an age the growth of the tree will stop.

Golden Ratio in Flower:

In every flower, the number of petals always should be a number of the Fibonacci sequence (1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21…)

In the interior of a flower the ratio of every level’s granule to the next level’s granule is = 1.6180…
*In a house of bees, the ratio of the number of male bees to the number of female bees is phi.

  Storms and Smoke:

If we observe all the Cyclone, Hurricane from the top, we can see that all these storms follow the perfect Golden spiral. Even Smoke also follows the Golden Spiral.

The Beauty of Golden ratio

Many artists and mathematicians are using the Golden ratio from many years ago in their art-work.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s artwork:

Leonardo Da Vinci, the master of Golden ratio, used the Golden ratio first ever and he named it “The Devine Proportion”, because he first observed this ratio in the human body.  
He used this ratio approximately in his every artwork. Among those, the most beautiful and popular painting is “Mona Lisa”. You can find phi in the painting.

Not only in “Mona Lisa”, he used Golden ratio in the painting “Mary Magdalene, The Last Supper”.

Not only in Leonardo Da Vinci’s art work, from the Pyramids of Egypt to Taj Mahal of India, from Eiffel Tower of France, Building of United Nation to the Parthenon of Greece, everywhere you can find the Golden ratio.

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