Lost Flight PEHC 914 Found After 37 years

Pan American Flight PEḢC-914 lost for 37 years and at last found in Venezuela 

It was one of the most notable topics around the world. Some people say that it was a phenomenon of Time Travel. In one sentence, this incident proved that time travel is possible, according to some people. It also can be anything else. We don't know the real truth behind this incident.


A charter flight named PEḢC-914 had taken off on 22 July, 1955 from New York to the way of Miami, USA. The plane had taken off with 4 crew members and 57 passengers.
But the interesting part is that the plane was lost somewhere in air and landed after 37 years on 21 May, 1992 at the airport of Caracas, Venezuela.

In these 37 years the flight was never detected by any radar of any airport services around the world. In 1992 accidentally a flight was detected by the radar of Venezuela airport and they communicated with the pilot of the flight.

The telephonic communication that happened between the pilot and the workers has been recorded. He narrates the incident saying it was something disturbingly unusual of the visual he has witnessed. He said that the plane landed looked very rugged and outdated, that it was not able to capture in their radar system. As if, this was an invention, made long years aback. Corte when asked the pilot about the details of the plane he asserted that from his panicked voice he could figure something was wrong. The pilot replied that it is a charter plane Flight 914 with 4 crew members and 57 passengers. And was meant, to reach the destination Miami from New York. And this leaves everyone stunned in the control room.He then asked, the pilot, “Are you lost?” As the destination he has taken a halt is 1800 kilometers ahead of where he was supposed to land. He said it is Caracas Venezuela, South America. But still with no permission he addressed the pilot for landing at their airport.

Then the pilot asked them, ‘Where are we? What was happened?’, then the airport members replied, “the plane was supposed to land in Miami, at 9:55 and then addressed them that is Caracas, Venezuela. And the day is 21 May, 1992”

The pilot was panicked, saying “Oh My God! Oh My God!”

Therefore, they sent some members for the plane to serve them, but the pilot of the plane signaled them to go back saying “we are going again!”

Then a printed calendar of 1955 was fallen from the plane to the Venezuela airport. And there after the plane took off again and vanished forever.


Where was the plane for 37 years and how the plane still was running without any fuel? Is this a real story or not? We don’t know. This is still an unsolved mystery.


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