Bootstrap Paradox : simple explanation


Travel through time is one of the most notable dreams of many scientists from very beginning. But this is not an easy work at all. Till now we have no such process to travel through time, but it is not that we never can travel through time. According to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity we can time travel by some processes. But in reality those processes are impossible to be executed.

Time travel in future is quite easier than the time travel in past. Theoretically we have some ways to go to the past and also we have some ways to go to the future too. But there is many paradoxes of time travel which indicates that the time travel in past in next to impossible, even if we have a time machine to go to the past.

Among those paradoxes, one of the most remarkable paradoxes is Bootstrap Paradox. This is a theoretical paradox of time travel that occurs when a material or piece of information sent back in time and becomes trapped within an infinite causal loop of time in which that item or the information no longer has a discernible point of origin and is said to be “un-caused” or “self-created”. It means that item or the information trapped within a causal loop that the item or the information lost its existence.  

Now, let’s understand the paradox by an incident,

Imagine one day saw a mysterious book in front of your door. You took the book to your house and it was written in the cover page of the book, that “How to Build a Time Machine!” You read the entire book very carefully and at last you made a time machine after 10 years. But didn’t know that from where the book came from. Now when finally you made the time machine, you wrote a book named, “How to Build a Time Machine!” And to test your time machine you traveled through time 10 years back with your book to know, who left that book in front of your house. But when you went in your past (10 years back), you found no book was there in front of your house. Then you simply came back to your present by your time machine. But mistakenly you left your self-written book in there (10 years back of your past).

Then you finally understood that it was you who left the book in front of your house.


If that book was not found by you, you never could make a time machine. And if you couldn’t make a time machine, how you wrote the book which was found by you in past. It is a very complicated paradox of time travel that exists in theories. Here the book is the object or material that trapped in the causal loop of time.

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