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The Fantastic Inventions of NIKOLA TESLA: The lost series 

Hi viewer, It's your Swarnajyoti Banerjee, today I am hear to help you in your book buying process. I'm going to discuss about a great book and personally one of my favorite  book, that is "The Fantastic Inventions of NIKOLA TESLA". This is a Lost Science Series by 'Nikola Tesla' with additional material by David Hatcher Childress

This how the front cover of the book looks like. This book is dedicated to Nikola Tesla and to the scientists and engineers who continue to forge ahead with an open mind into Tesla Technology

HISTORY: This is a lost science series, printed in United states of America. First printed in August, 1993. Published by Adventures Unlimited Press and published in the United Kingdom by Bellevue Books. 
Copyright 1993 by Adventures Unlimited Press
Experiments with A.C. Current © 1891 by Nikola Tesla
Transmission of Electricity without wires © 1904 by Nikola Tesla

This is the back cover page of the book, where the full contains of the book is written at a glance. 

Now the main course of the article >

As you know that here we discuss about the contains of a book, and following that custom we will discuss about the contains of this book in this section. From here you can get a brief idea about which you are going to read.

                                                          My Review......

As I said that this is one of my favorite books. This book is a virtual compendium of patents, diagrams, photos and explanations for the many incredible inventions of one of the world's greatest inventor Nikola Tesla. The supreme court documents on his free-energy devices, plus rare photographs and patents. It includes the complete text in his own words of his transmission of electricity through the atmosphere. 
Though the language of this book is little-bit tough English but this book is really amazing to read. Obviously you will get a good experience after reading this book completely.

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