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Hi viewer, It's Swarnajyoti Banerjee, today I am going to discuss about a book of Albert Einstein and Authorised Translation by Robert W. Lawson This article is for those who are interested in buying and reading books. Today I'm going to review the book "RELATIVITY : The Special and The General Theory".

This is the cover page of the book. 

HISTORY:  The Special and the General Theory began as a short paper and was eventually published as a book written by Albert Einstein with the aim of giving:
" exact insight into the theory of relativity to readers who, from a general scientific and philosophical point of view, are interested in the theory, but who are not conversant with mathematical apparatus of theoretical physics."
It was first published in German in 1916 and later translated into English in 1920.

ABOUT THE BOOK: It is divided into three parts, the first dealing with special relativity, the second dealing with general relativity and the third dealing with considerations on the universe as a whole. The book is challenging at times but, when approached patiently, proves itself one of the most lucid explanations of Relativity to be found anywhere.
                                                                                      - words of the author
back cover page of the book

Published in 1920 in English.

   Now the Main Course of the Article >

As you now here we will see the contents of the book. To buy a book, contents is very important, as from the contents the reader can understand that what is/are he going to read.

And this is the Table of Content. And if you buy this book, you are going to read these sections.

                                                           My Review.....

I read this book and according to me this is really going to help you, if you read this book. This book is also very helpful for those who are interested in exploring the universe in terms of time. the readers will know a lot of unknown facts about Time and Space. So, my recommendation to you, must read this book and enjoy it's beauty. 

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