Grandfather Paradox : simple explanation


The Grandfather paradox is one of the most notable paradoxes of time travelling. Theoretically we can go in our future by some techniques, like explained in Twins Paradox. And also it is simple to understand about the future time travelling. But it is very tricky to understand about past time travelling. How we can go to the past? Or if we can go to the past, what can we do?

This is a tricky paradox of time travelling, which is explained by a story,

This is a paradox in which inconsistencies emerge through changing the past. A person travels to the past by his time machine, and kills his own grandfather before the conception of his father or mother. And this incident prevents the time traveler’s existence. If his grandfather is no more, it means his father didn’t born, so how he born? In this paradox actually we are violating our past, and we don’t know actually what will happen after this. There is a big contradiction whenever the past becomes different from the way it was.

HISTORY: The grandfather paradox was described as “the age-old argument of preventing your birth by killing your grandparents” in a letter to American science fiction magazine “Amazing Stories” in 1929-1931.

How to solve this PARADOX ?

  1. May in which way we are thinking, things and situations will not be going to happen in that way. Every time you travel back in time, you are probably killing of the previous version of yourself. It means, may be you can go to the past in a range. Let’s take now your age is 21 years, so maybe you can go 21 years back in your life. And when you will be in 20 years back in your life, your age will be 1 year not 21 years. Because probably you killed you 20 years, to go 20 years back in your life.
  2. One more thing or situation can be occur, That is, if you go back in your life maybe you will forget everything about the present (rather future from that past time). And once you went in your past (a particular point of past) your life will start from that particular point of past, and you life will go in the general flow of time. It means you forgot everything about your time travelling, and you are leading a normal life. Maybe, you are a time traveler and coming from 2100 in your past, but you forget everything about your present (2100) and you are thinking that it is your actual present; God knows.
  3. One more solution is there, that is when you go back in time to kill your grandfather, actually you’re not going back to your own history rather a copy of you is going to the past. It means are an unknown person to your grandfather. So if you kill your grandfather, actually you’re not killing your own grandfather rather you’re killing a person whose grandson will be a present version of you. And that history will affect the alternate future of that universe, not your own.
But Quantum mechanics doesn’t allow for perfect copies of you to exist, either in time travel or in teleportation.



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