NASA moon landing (PART-2)

*  ⦿ NASA CONTROVERSY 2 Neil Armstrong refused to swear on the Bible when a reporter asked to do that .

          ⦿ NASA CONTROVERSY 3Few months ago an astronaut Don Pettit said that “I’d go to the moon in a nanosecond. But the problem is we don’t have the technology any more. We used to but we destroyed that technology and it’s a painful process to build it back again.” , when he was asked why NASA is not going to moon again.
          And according to Don Pettit NASA destroyed their technology of going to moon. It sounds pretty funny.

Why NASA did so ?

May be US wanted to show that they are more powerful than Russia not only in weapon power but also in the field of technology ; Or they wanted to be the best in the eyes of the world ; Or NASA wanted to attract the world to them because in space research there is a lot of money is required.And in that time NASA was not so rich.
                                                       And so NASA did a shooting of the fake moon landing in the Disney Studio and it was a pre planned & superbly executed film which was directed and released by NASA. 

NOW THAT'S IT. Now comment us what you think that NASA moon landing was fake or real ...Keep reading and keep sharing. THANK YOU :)



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