NASA moon landing (PART-1)

NASA ever landed on Moon or not ?

  > National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the biggest and most successful space research center of the world. NASA sent the first manned spacecraft ‘APOLLO 11’ on the Moon, on 20 July 1969. The members went to Moon with the spacecraft was –
i)Neil A. Armstrong
ii)Michael Collins
iii)Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr.
And among them Neil Armstrong became the first human to step on the moon. He and Aldrin walked around three four hours.
                                       [a)Neil Armstrong, b)Michael Collins, c)Buzz Aldrin]

But the Moon landing is real or fake??

Ø  Lots of people say that the moon landing of NASA is fake. NASA never landed on moon. Apollo 11 never successfully landed on moon. And also Neil Armstrong and his team never walked on the earth of moon. And the main thing is people not only say, but it is also proved by many photos and video footage that the moon landing of moon never happened. Now we will discuss about the proofs that it unreal.

The proofs ---

Ø  THE FLYING FLAG-In the video of moon landing that released by NASA , there we can see that when Neil Armstrong was hosting the flag of US then the flag was flying and also after the flag was fixed on the earth of the moon the flag was flying. But according to science the moon has no atmosphere means there is no air in the moon. So a flag can’t fly in the moon.

          In this picture we can see that the flag was fixed on the moon earth and the upper side of the flag was also fixed by some aluminium wire but question is why the flag is flying.

Ø  NON STAR SKY-The second proof is there in the video we can’t see any stars in the sky from moon. And after returning back to the world Neil Armstrong said that they saw the black non-star sky.

       And NASA answered this question like this that when Apollo 11 was landed there was “Day” in the moon. As we can’t seen any star from the world in day like that they also didn’t saw any star from the moon. But the solution given by NASA is lil bit confusing.

Ø SHADOW DIRECTIONS- In the moon landing video the shadows of the objects of the moon were in different directions. Even the shadow of the space craft ‘Apollo 11’ and the shadow of the flag was in different directions. But it can’t be happen as the source of light in moon is one which is sun, so the shadow directions should be same of every objects.
                   NASA answered this question like this that the surface of the moon is very rough. So that the shadow directions changes.

Ø The launching weight of the space craft was 45,702 kg and the landing weight of the space craft was 4,932 kg , it’s a huge weighted craft. But when the space craft returned back from the moon then there was no spot or mark on the surface of the moon where the huge space craft landed.

Ø MOON MATERIAL- The materials mainly rocks were taken from the moon surface to the earth by NASA. But the materials are quite different from the materials which are really taken from moon now a days by other space research centers .

Ø NASA CONTROVERSY 1 - Now a days NASA is telling that NASA lost all the evidence that proofs NASA landed on moon and also NASA lost the process to go to moon again. So that NASA is not going to moon again.

                      There are many more proofs that I will explain you in the 2nd part of this article so please keep watching and sharing. Thank you :)



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